Wonder Child Prologue

07-20-15_7-23 PM 07-20-15_7-32 PM

Meet Lisa Cho and Harvey Squires! They’ve been chosen to undertake Pinstar’s Wonder Child Challenge! They are two complete strangers who are going to raise a baby together, and hopefully that child will be something of a prodigy.

Lisa is family-orientated, creative, and a bookworm. Her lifetime wish is to be a bestselling author. She hasn’t published a book yet, but she’s hopeful.

Harvey is family-orientated, active, and cheerful. His lifetime wish is to be a bodybuilder. He has a career in sports.

They’re pretty different, but what they both have in common is that they’ve both always wanted kids, but they’ve never found someone to spend their life with. That’s about to change!

07-20-15_7-58 PM

This is the house they will be living in. I don’t really care about building, so I downloaded it from the gallery. The artist is Chicken31387.

07-20-15_7-59 PM

This is the inside. A little hard to see, I know.

Snapshot 1 (7-20-2015 8-09 PM)

And here is the lucky couple, waiting to start!


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